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Mekkah Import & Export

90 Sama El Horreya Tower, Tower 1, Fawzy Moaz St., Floor 6 Flat 601 - Semouha - Alexandria

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El Nasr Salines Co.
Alexandria - El Attarin
El Nasr Salines believes that excellence in food quality is essential for the protection of human health. Products manufactured by El Nasr Salines meet government requirements & standards for food safety & environmental management systems for producing of all types of common salt (NaCl) for all purposes including food & industrial usage.

Cairo - Nasr City
Working in the food industry especially sugar, wheat & rice since 1982. We have enough experience to meet the Egyptian market's needs & provide adequate food commodities. Producing Brazilian refined sugar (Icumsa 45). Competitive prices for importers & consumers. We have branches all over the republic.

New Cairo - 5th Compound
Specializing in trading the best mountain honey worldwide, Egyptian honey & honey products & derivatives for over 15 years. Also offering dates & natural products. Konoz holds a certificate of quality & offers the highest ratio of nectar in honey.

Agro Noor For Agricultural Investment
Alexandria - New Borg El Arab
Various activities related to agricultural investment including agricultural supplies for food processing factories & land reclamation & cultivation. Digging wells & designing, supplying & installing various modern irrigation networks. Designing & constructing gardens, parks & villa & resort gardens. Decorating roads & landscaping.

Sinacola For Soft Drinks & Natural Water
El Dakahleya - El Mansoura
One of the largest ISO 9001:18001 certified soft drinks production companies that uses the latest laboratory devices. A professional quality control team. All sizes of soft drinks are available to meet all consumer needs, including cans. The sole agent in Egypt & the Middle East for Sinacola (Germany).

Al Ghofran For Import Dairy & Juices Machines & Production Lines
Damietta - Kafr Saad
18 years of experience in importing, exporting, manufacturing, installing & maintaining all kinds of production lines. Supplying all required accessories & spare parts with professional service quality & competitive prices. Importing our products from Europe to cover all over Egypt. Exporting to Saudi Arabia, Jordon, Dubai, the Sudan & Libya. Fully prepared to export to any country.

Crab - Frozen Fish & Food Industries
Cairo - Zamalek
Crab is a retail store situated at the heart of Zamalek neighborhood. It aims at serving its customers with the ultimate experience through promoting the best quality seafood products that will sure satisfy all tastes. Established in 1987, our mission is to enrich your seafood supply chain with best quality from all over the world.

Ahla Honey
El Gharbeya - El Mahalla El Kobra
Choosing productivity locations amidst agricultural fields around the globe. The company also conducts research & studies on their products. The best available & potential honey & honey byproducts production methods. Aiming to strengthen the relation with all customers. Supplying honey to hotels, hospitals & resorts. Working to open the international market.

Simo's Food Industries
El Sharkeya - 10th Of Ramadan
Simo’s Food Industries is an Egyptian pioneer in the field of all-food industries in Egypt. Simo's aims to increase its product variety, broaden its geographic range and increase its scope of distribution enabling it to be recognized as the "the first choice" for families throughout the region.

El Rashedy For Juice
El Sharkeya - El Zagazig
All kinds of fruit juices including apple cantaloupe, pomegranate, watermelon, date, berry, physalis, lemon, lemon-mint & cherry. Ice cream, fruit salad, kiwi & strawberry cream. Nut juices such as pistachio, chocolate hazelnut, pumpkin seeds & hyphaene. Iced juices including kiwi, plums, milkshakes & cocktails. Visit us & taste more juices and cocktails. Wholesale distribution for weddings, clubs, birthday parties & cafés.

6th Of October - Giza
New Borg El Arab - Alexandria
5th Compound - New Cairo
Mohandeseen - Giza
Nasr City - Cairo
Semouha - Alexandria