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Acceptance of both the Terms of Use and the Privacy Policy is absolutely essential to any form of paid or free use of the site, now named "Site", both by individuals and by corporations.

If you are not legally able, or are not in full agreement with any of the terms or conditions set out in the Terms of Use, your use of the Site is prohibited.


1.1- The is a website service and public utility that reproduces and disseminates, under current legislation, the information of commercial subscribers of the main telephony operators in Egypta, watching, above all, the prerogatives and guarantees individual guaranteed the same.


2.1 - These Terms of Use govern the use of access to services provided by the website, stating the responsibilities, duties and obligations that all USER takes to access and / or use it.


3.1- According to the law, is free to any interested party the disclosure by any means of the telephone operators subscriber relationship, ensuring the right to non-disclosure of personal data to subscribers that require secrecy your information;

The 3.2- interested in the non-disclosure of their data should contact and the "site" is responsible for the removal of information;

3.3- If the person does not want his company to appear on the website, just make the online request deletion of your data as described above, filling the contact form stating the name and relationship with the company;

3.4- The Site undertakes to remove the information requested within 10 working days from the date of request submission;

3.5- The website is updated periodically according to the records of the operators, so the data user may eventually return to be included in our database. If this occurs, a new request for deletion of the data must be sent to the Site;

3.6- To ensure definitive exclusion of its information, the applicant must contact your service provider and request the non-disclosure of their data;

3.7- The Site may remove any content created, included or disclosed by the User, which is in contradiction with the contractual provisions at any time, regardless of communication.


4.1- The USER is aware that the Site shall not be liable:

4.1.1- For any lack of accuracy, adequacy, effectiveness and usefulness of the maps, addresses, businesses, public points, images, information, routes or any other content of the Site;

4.1.2- For any service, advertisement, image, text or other content related to the Site service that is created, maintained or provided by USERS or third parties, even if accessible or viewable on the Site;

4.1.3- For any damages arising from failure by the USER, the duty to maintain confidentiality and personality of your password, as well as the lack or delay in sending notification to the website about any unauthorized access or unauthorized use of your password by third parties;

4.1.4- For damage possibly suffered by the User, for conduct of users or third parties in connection with the services provided by the Site;

4.1.5- For any damage suffered by the USER due to the removal of any content you create, include or disclose the Site service, the cancellation of its registration, as well as maintenance or provision of information about them, including relating to their identification and location at in compliance with court orders;

4.1.6- For any irregularities in the operation of the Site, including the cases of unforeseeable circumstances, force majeure, third party act or failure by the User of the basic conditions for the placement of the ads;

4.1.7- For any positioning in search engines or between the ads from other advertisers, unless this condition is expressly contracted as an additional service;

4.2- The not warrant that the Site will be free of interruptions or errors or that its use, the use of its content, search tools or links give results;

4.3- The Site shall not be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental and; lost profits; business interruption; loss or damage the reputation of others; or data loss, even if advised of the possibility of such occurrences;

4.4- The Site disclaims responsibility in the User's hypothesis not the rightful owner of the property indicated in the registration and / or does not have authorization to contracting;

4.5- Third, including Google, use cookies to serve ads based on user's prior visits to your website. Thus, the website does not assume any liability arising out of the relationship between the USER and (s) ADVERTISER (S), whether direct or indirect.


5.1- The USER is aware and agree that the use of the website provided by the service is strictly prohibited: 5.1.1- distribute, modify, sell, rent or in any way exploit economically the service, data and information related to it, and use them for purposes other than immediate personal or even to the creation or provision of other products or services;

5.1.2- Transmit illegal, harmful, annoying, threatening, abusive, tortuous, defamatory, vulgar, obscene, third-party privacy invaders, hateful, xenophobic, or in any way unacceptable;

5.1.3- provide the Site, at the time of registration, false, inaccurate, outdated or incomplete and intentionally to impersonate another person or entity;

5.1.4- Disseminate or install viruses or any other computer code, files or software in order to interrupt, destroy, unduly access, limit or interfere with the operation or safety of service as well as your information, data and equipment, its USERS or third parties, or even for any other unlawful purpose;

5.1.5- To practice any act contrary to law.

5.2- User undertakes not to make assessments and insert or inappropriate content that:

5.2.1- Violate the law, morals, good customs, intellectual property, rights to honor, privacy, confidentiality of communications, image, personal and family privacy;

5.2.2- In breach of patents, trademarks, trade secrets, copyrights;

5.2.3- Encourage the practice of illegal conduct;

5.2.4- Incite the practice of acts of discrimination, whether on grounds of sex, race, religion, beliefs, age or other status;

5.2.5- Put available or provide access to messages, products or illegal, violent, pornographic, degrading;

5.2.6- Induces or incites dangerous practices, risk or harmful to health and mental balance;

5.2.7- Be false, ambiguous, inaccurate, exaggerated, so that they can be misleading about its purpose or the intentions or purposes of the communicator;

5.2.8- They constitute illegal, deceptive or unfair advertising, and of unfair competition;

5.2.9- convey, incite or encourage pedophilia;

5.2.10- Hostilizem third parties.


The USER is aware and agree that you are fully responsible for:

6.1- By maintaining the confidentiality of your password and notify the site about any unauthorized access or unauthorized use;

6.2- Keep all rights needed to include information related to the establishment, product or service offered (photos, video and / or other images) including, but not limited to, those relating to copyright and image;

6.3- For any damages arising from actions and omissions or for themselves practiced in failure to Topic 5 - "Prohibited Conduct" of this Terms of Service;

6.3.1- The USER may reimburse the expenditure that the site will spend when the breach of the conditions set out herein.


7.1- The User shall pay the the amounts of the plans described on the site, according to your choice and by the means of payment available, if you have opted for a PAID plan;

7.2- The free plan reserves the right to offer limited resources on the provision of information;

7.3- The User should be aware that the registration of your company in the plan will have FREE ad serving Google affiliate program.

8. Modification of Terms of Use

8.1 - The user is aware and agree that these Terms of Use may be changed by the Site at any time, regardless of communication;

8.2- The User may, at any time, access the updated version of these Terms of Use at address.