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Global For Manufacturing & Assembling Scales

Quwaisna Industrial Zone, 2nd Zone - Quwasnah - El Monofeya
Next to: Behind Technical Institute

Truck scales for all loads. Laboratory, hook, pallet, livestock & ton scales. Control panels, sewing machines, packaging machines, conveyors, weight check, weight indicators, weight screens, load cells, weight sensors, control systems, SCADA & supermarket scales. Weight systems maintenance & spare parts.

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Maren For Scales
Giza - 6th Of October
One-year Insurance Free inspection, aftersales service. Experience since 1979 in installing, supplying and maintaining industrial balances, setting, stamping and standardization works. Providing the best quality services and consultancy for our customers.

Analog Engineering & Scientific Systems
Kaliobeya - Qalyub
Specialized in the field of scales & mixing scales. Call or inquire at any time, we are at your service.

Al Zahraa For Import, Export & Scales Trading
El Haram - El Mariouteya
Specializing lab weighing & calibration devices. Supplying, installing, maintaining & repairing. Calibration & issuing ISO quality certificates. Truck scales, lab scales, weight pallets for all cargo in all sizes, sheep & cattle scales, packaging, conveyor scales, weight & packaging control systems, weighing software, periodic maintenance contracts & laboratory weighing devices. Reaching you wherever you are. Working all week.

El Fagr For Trade & Supplies
Giza - El Badrashin
We manufacture dust & liquid filter bags, filter boxes for various applications, filter presses & vacuum rotary filters using raw materials (polyester & polypropylene) & manufacturing cloth & candle filters, entry & exit mill & thermal expansion links.

Engineering Co. For Trading & Supplies - ETS
Kaliobeya - Shoubra El Khaymah
Truck scales for all weights, specialized weighing programs to print weight including gross, empty, net & weight reports. Converting mechanical scales to electronic scales. Local & imported steel platform scales, including automatic, mixing & packing, ready-made concrete & counting scales. Laboratory, supermarket, battery-operated & remote controlled winch scales.

Egyptian Engineering Scales
Giza - El Haram
Supplying, installing & maintaining all types of electronic & mechanical balances for all loads up to 150 tons. Over 20 years of experience in the field of installation & maintenance. Laboratory scales for all loads, weight cells for various purposes, barcode balances, suspended balances & cattle balances. A maintenance center specialized in all electronic & mechanical scales. All spare parts. Converting mechanical scales to electronic ones.

El Masreya Establishment For Manufacture Scales
Kaliobeya - Qalyub
To encourage Egyptian products, we offer a 10% discount on products made by Egyptian hands as well as free transportation. Guaranteed by Mr.Hassan Eisa, lifetime guarantee on all products. Available goods, immediate delivery, technical support and aftersales services.

Helmy Engineering Co. For Scales
Cairo - El Gamaleya
Founded in 1942. Specializing in the scales field. Importing two-lever balances from France & manufacturing them in Egypt. Importing all scales, related supplies, spare parts, & all scale systems. Guaranteeing & maintaining all imported scales as well as supplying related spare parts. Manufacturing & installing vehicle scales.

El Maaiergy For Scales
Cairo - Gesr El Suez
Over 80 years of experience in manufacturing, installing & supplying all kinds of scales. One of the largest & oldest scale manufacturers in Egypt. Established in 1935 to manufacture & supply the best kinds of various scales including ground & elevated truck scales, electronic scales, mechanical scales, platform scales, industrial scales, road scales, livestock scales & more. Vast experience in manufacturing, installing, supplying & maintaining scales.

International General Trading & Contracting Co. - ICTCO
Giza - 6th Of October
Established in 1994, to work in different weighing systems, offering various loads, sizes & sensitivities; from precision to truck scales. Ictco provides a maintenance center at the highest level of quality providing aftersales services that include installation, calibration & stamping; with teams & branches scattered nationwide.

SHIBIN EL KAWM - Shebein El Kawm
Sheraton Bldgs. - Heliopolis
El Badrashin - Giza
Gesr El Suez - Cairo
6th Of October - Giza
El Koum El Akhdar - El Haram