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El Souk St. - El Riyad - Kafr El Sheikh

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Olivera Co. Group For Food Industries
El Sharkeya - El Salheya El Gadida
A modern olive oil production corporation. The olive tree is a symbol of ancient civilizations, & olive oil was always a main ingredient in the Mediterranean. Since the Bronze Age, many scientists believe that the Levant was the first to use olive oil. producing high quality olive oil. Genuine first class oil.

Oil Tec For Oils & Detergents
El Monofeya - Sadat City
A fully Egyptian owned enterprise, built on a heritage of experience in the oils and soap sectors since 1940.

Downtown - Kafr El Sheikh
1st District - 6th Of October
El Salheya El Gadida - El Sharkeya
Sadat City - El Monofeya
Boulak El Dakrour - Giza
El Menia El Gadida - El Menia
El Riyad - Kafr El Sheikh
Imbaba - Giza
Kafr Sakr - El Sharkeya
Dar El Salam - Cairo