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Specialized Engineering Contracting Co. - SECC

16 /37 7th Sector - Zahraa El Maadi - Maadi

Founded by Chemical Engineer Salah Al-Ghannam in 1990 to work in the field of specialized insulations & mechanical fixtures with experience in American & European technology. The company employs the latest operational equipment, engineers & technicians with vast experience. Over 200 certificates of contracting experience from our loyal customers.

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Engineering Co. For Trade & Contracting - ETC - Eng. Sayed Mostafa
Cairo - El Nozha El Gadida
Founded by Eng. Sayed Mustafa. One of the first & most experienced companies in Egypt & worldwide in supplying thermal, moisture & water insulation raw materials, hot & cold thermal insulation for pipes & equipment, acoustic insulation, polyuria & polyurethane foam for metal & concrete roofs insulation.

Al Alamia For Insulation Co.
Cairo - El Sabteya
Rockal – Al Alamia Insulation is an Egyptian group founded in 1997. Specializing in all kinds of thermal & acoustic insulation for a variety of applications in the construction, industrial, MEP, electromechanical, HVAC, façades. Our products are known for their high quality. Cooperating with the most reputable brands in the insulation field.

Egyptian Rock Wool Factory - Erock
Cairo - Heliopolis
The first leading company in Egypt in the field of manufacturing, marketing, exporting & installing rock wool products produced in accordance to international specifications. We provide high quality products for thermal & acoustic insulation & fire deterrent products. The company offers all insulation installation supplies.

Marmo Chemical
Cairo - El Manyal
Working in the field of trading, procurement, processing & contracting all construction & decoration works. Agent of major chemical companies in Egypt including CMD, Marmox, Advechems ,Sika, PerBuild & Modern All inspection is free of charge.

Glassrock Insulation Co.
El Monofeya - Sadat City
Manufacturing both glass wool & rock wool widely used in various thermal, acoustic & fire insulation applications. GlassRock products are used in various sectors including construction, industrial, HVAC, marine & automotive industries as well as the agricultural sector as a growth & pest & insect control media.

Modern Plastics Co.
Heliopolis - Roxy
Modern Plastics Company is specialized in recycling plastics materials used to manufacture roofing, waterproofing, and insulation products such as polypropylene, polyethylene and polystyrene. The company also produces heat-insulating foam (XPS) which is used for building insulation.The company also produces various roofing and waterproofing products such as bituminous waterproofing membranes and cold-applied bitumen coatings.

Engineering Construction Group
Alexandria - Moharram Bey
Twenty years of experience & achievements. Specializing in all types of insulation & industrial flooring. Experts in restoration & reinforcement works. Our goal is development & excellence. Distributors & agents of major companies. Striving to achieve the best results at the lowest costs.

El Safa Co. For Trading & Supplies - Eng. Safwat El Akkad
Cairo - Downtown
As specialists in the industrial and commercial insulation market, the company has over the years undertaken a wide range of work from the simple insulation to the complex application of high technology materials needed to insulate process plant operating at many hundreds of degrees centigrade.

Chema Foam
El Gharbeya - Tanta
A major establishment in the field of thermal & water isolation, FPS supplies, finishing & concrete additives & construction chemicals. Also providing various architecture services. Established in 1990 by Architect Abdel Hammed Abu Frakh under the slogan “Seriousness & Commitment”. Cooperating with the largest & most reputable manufacturers including Aqua Tanks, CMB, Sika, Ansumat, Swisschem, Profeem, Basf, Drymix, Modern, Insutech, Bitunil & Saveto.

United Trading & Insulation - U.T.I
Alexandria - Sidi Beshr
Supplying & installing all thermal insulation materials (hot/cold) - Rock wool - Ceramic fiber - Polypurethane - Aluminum - Gasket - Supplying & installing water & moisture proofing - Sandblasting & painting - Surface insulation using polyurethane (foam) - Epoxy paint works for warehouse, garage & hospital floors - Sound & fire insulation works for gypsum decorations & false ceilings.