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Queisna For Agriculture Development

89 El Solimany Tower, Abdel Mohsen El Sabbahy St. - Quwasnah - El Monofeya

Founded in 1998 as a subsidiary of Queisna Agricultural & Animal Production; founded in 1986. Trading both agricultural & animal production supplies including seeds, pesticides fertilizers & feed as a grade-A company.

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Arab Co. For Drip Irrigation Technology - Adritec
Giza - El Haram
Producing & supplying modern irrigation system supplies including drip, sprinkler & central irrigation, plant growth regulators, fertilizers, pesticides, garden supplies & panel controls. Agricultural equipment & machines including tractors, fertilizer units & tanks, hoes, as well as shading networks, greenhouses & agricultural covers. Designing, implementing, & supplying all modern sprinkler & drip irrigation projects according to the highest international quality standards.

Kuwaiti Group For Investment & Development
Giza - Mohandeseen
Our activities span across MENA. One of the largest holding companies in the region. The Group owns substantial stakes in the chemical, agricultural & animal investment; financial advisory services, training & industrial sectors. The group includes 30 companies in 12 countries and employs more than 11 thousand individuals.

Miegos Compost
Giza - Mohandeseen
Miegos compost is your ultimate choice for healthy fertile soil. It comes in a variety of products, each is crafted to suit your needs.

Modern Agricides Co.
El Sharkeya - Belbeis
Specializing in the production of mineral oil to spray various kinds of trees. It is considered safe, toxic-free pesticides. Circular disks rodenticides differ have higher efficiency compared to other products. Mineral & organic fertilizers produced using nanotechnology, increase product effectivity & decrease the cost for farmers.

Opal Trading & Services Co.
Giza - 6th Of October
Importing & trading fertilizers & paper nutrients containing minor or major elements. Contributing to the provision of organic fertilizers (compost), animal & plant waste mixtures as well as producing all kinds of fruit seedlings from certified & disease-free origins & importing vegetable seeds.

El Noor For Chemicals & Fertilizers - Noor Chem
Giza - 6th Of October
Producing fully soluble, soft, granular & liquid NPK compound fertilizers, potassium fertilizers, phosphate slow solubility fertilizers, phosphoric acid, soil conditioners, organic fertilizers, potassium humate, sulfur lamps, agricultural gypsum, & potassium sulfate. Agents in Tunis, the Sudan & Oman.

Hydroponic Egypt For Advanced Crops
Cairo - Zamalek
One of the largest leading companies in the field of modern agricultural technologies in the Middle East. Working in several specialized fields, such as breeding barley, aquatic farming, intensive aquaculture, & smart-farm management & construction. The company owns the material and human resources qualifying it to work inside and outside Egypt. Previous experience with a large number of governmental & private agencies as well as the armed forces.

El Sanhoury Factory For Chemicals & Detergent
Alexandria - Borg El Arab
Manufacturing & packaging detergents. Producing & selling fertilizes such as magnesium sulfate, zinc sulfate & manganese sulfate. Producing & selling sulfonic acid & liquid soap. Fully prepared for exporting sulfonic acid & magnesium sulfate to Libya & Lebanon.

Cure Pharma For Animal Health - Egyptian Saudi Co. For Feeders Addition
El Sharkeya - 10th Of Ramadan
One of the leading producers of feed concentrates & agricultural fertilizers. We occupy a special position in the Egyptian market as we offer high-quality products. Known for our high efficiency feed additives, biological antitoxins, antibiotics, vitamins & growth promoters. We export our products.

Evergrow Co. For Speciality Fertilizers
Giza - Abou Rawash
Pioneers of excellence & quality makers. We manufacture specialized fertilizers, chemicals & acids from the two largest compounds in the Middle East (Abu Rawash & Sadat City). The latest manufacturing technology & best raw materials. We monitor all the steps of modern manufacturing in our labs. Our company holds an ISO certification and our products are registered in REACH to ensure export to Europe. Our products are sold in all Arab, African & European countries.

Mohandeseen - Giza
Badr City - El Beheira
Mohandeseen - Giza
El Mansoura - El Dakahleya
El Mariouteya - El Haram
Faraskour - Damietta
Belbeis - El Sharkeya