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Egyptian International Motors - Hyundai & Yamaha

Autostrad Rd. - Mokattam - Cairo

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Keymanda Fertilizer & Chemical Industries
El Beheira - El Noubareya
Founded in 2005 with Canadian & Dutch experience. We use the finest raw materials & production supplies. Producing soil improvement compounds, salinity treatment, growth catalysts & stimulants, root stimulants, flowering & sizing compounds, growth regulators, simple & complex compounds.

Arab Co. For Drip Irrigation Technology - Adritec
Giza - El Haram
Producing & supplying modern irrigation system supplies including drip, sprinkler & central irrigation, plant growth regulators, fertilizers, pesticides, garden supplies & panel controls. Agricultural equipment & machines including tractors, fertilizer units & tanks, hoes, as well as shading networks, greenhouses & agricultural covers. Designing, implementing, & supplying all modern sprinkler & drip irrigation projects according to the highest international quality standards.

El Motaheda For Plastic Products
El Monofeya - Sadat City
Pioneers in manufacturing green houses, cool greenhouses, shading nets, fruit protection nets, air conditioned greenhouses, knitting & spinning fisheries & well filters. Serving all over Egypt. Known for our quality, aftersales service & production accuracy. Providing technical consultancy & all agricultural services. Do not hesitate to contact us.

Agricultural Projects Co. - Agro-Pro
Cairo - Nasr City
Authorized dealer of vegetable hybrid seeds produced by Rijk Zwaan Co. (Holland) & Agroteb (Germany), which is known for its high quality seeds and abundant production of high-quality fruit. Providing after-sales services (fertilization and pest control programs, soil sterilization). Design and construction of irrigation systems and greenhouses.

Hydroponic Egypt For Advanced Crops
Cairo - Zamalek
One of the largest leading companies in the field of modern agricultural technologies in the Middle East. Working in several specialized fields, such as breeding barley, aquatic farming, intensive aquaculture, & smart-farm management & construction. The company owns the material and human resources qualifying it to work inside and outside Egypt. Previous experience with a large number of governmental & private agencies as well as the armed forces.

Diamond International For Machine Building Industries & Agriculture Machines
El Monofeya - Sadat City
Please get the missing words & brands from the clientLaunched in Cairo in 1982 as Diamond Trading. Founded by late engineer Eid Matta as an import company & agency for international agricultural machinery companies. Italian Irrigation Machines, Dary Italian Compressors, Auserdern Turkish Machines, Sepp Italian & Holsn Turkish spraying pumps & pesticide spraying trucks.

Alexandria Co. For Engineering & Agriculture
Giza - Dokki
One of the largest engineering companies specialized in supplying, installing & maintaining water, fire, irrigation & drainage pumps, drinking water, fire, irrigation & drainage networks as well as sewage treatment plants & drilling wells. Implementing operation panels & electrical protection for engines & cables. Operating & maintaining pump stations in all sites. Guarantying pumps & motors.

Al Reyadah Trade & Commercial Agencies
Cairo - Nasr City
Importing irrigation networks, metal sprays, drip sprinklers, sprinklers, air, water & safety valves (PVC), filters, sand separators, pressure meters and water hoses. Sole agents of Automate Manufacturing (India) & Automate Irrigation (India). Products are available in the Egyptian Market under the brand “Aqua”.

African Development Co. For Trade - ADCO
Giza - Dokki
One of the leading companies in importing & distributing agriculture sector requirements including agriculture machinery & equipment, spare parts, soil fumigants, pheromones & irrigation systems. ADCO provides high quality products, services & consultation to customers through cooperating with the most reliable manufacturers.

The Engineering Greenhouse Manufacturing Co.
Shebein El Kawm - SHIBIN EL KAWM
Producing & manufacturing all types of greenhouses including air-conditioned, plastic & gardening greenhouses, poultry farms & hot galvanized 2.5 mm steel pipes. Greenhouses are characterized by its ability to withstand extreme weather conditions. Greenhouse covers made of fiber & bicarbonate. Competitive prices. There are also various kinds of agricultural seedlings including fruit, citrus & ornamental plants in addition to construction and coverings of fish farms.

Mohandeseen - Giza
Nasr City - Cairo
Tanta - El Gharbeya
Badr City - El Beheira
Sadat City - El Monofeya
New Borg El Arab - Alexandria
SHIBIN EL KAWM - Shebein El Kawm
El Salheya El Gadida - El Sharkeya
Sadat City - El Monofeya